Purification, Characterization and Application Study of Bacterial Tannase for Optimization of Gallic acid Synthesis from Fruit Waste

Dhiman, Sunny ; Mukherjee, Gunjan ; Kumar, Anu ; Majumdar, Rita Singh


Tannase produced extracellularly by the bacterial strain Bacillus haynesii SSRY4 MN031245 was purified in step-wise manner through ammonium sulphate precipitation, dialysis, followed by anion exchange chromatography. Tannase was purified to 42.0-fold with 36.30% enzyme yield. The enzyme was relatively stable from 30 to 50℃ and pH (4.0–6.0) for up to 4 hours. Partially purified tannase (16.80 U/ml) was able to synthesize 20.304 mg/ml gallic acid from the fruit waste under optimized conditions. The results of application study suggest that bacterial tannase could provide a new source for Gallic acid synthesis from the fruit waste for industrial applications. Our research findings could provide a value chain to fruit waste and help in reducing the waste generation from fruit processing industries.


Bacillus haynesii, Enzyme, Hydrolysis, Quantification, Yield

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