Analysis of OM-Based Literature Reviews on Facility Layout Planning

Herrera-Granda, Israel David; Alemany, M. M. E; Peluffo-Ordóñez, Diego H


This work consists of a systematized review of the state of the art of reviews for the problem of Facility Layout Planning (FLP) within the Operations Management (OM) field to support the decisions taken for the improvement of the manufacturing and logistics in a factory environment. The first phase begins by defining the search strategies for obtaining the scientific literature, for which we used ten databases. With these, a base of 112 articles was obtained, but after the systematized process was reduced to 32 directly related articles. In the second phase, we executed a Dimensional analysis of these literature review articles employing a quantitative analysis of the sections and subsections of the selected articles. The third phase comprises the identification of gaps and future research lines. Finally, the conclusions obtained from the systematized review process are presented.


Classification of methodologies, Conceptual framework, Cyber-physical systems, Manufacturing layout, Plant layout

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