Establishing Parameters for Comparative Analysis of V2V Communication in VANET

Tomar, Ravi ; Sastry, Hanumat G; Prateek, Manish


In vehicular ad-hoc networks (VANETs), information dissemination plays vital role in establishing the cooperation among the vehicles. This cooperation and information exchange is needed for proper performance of safety and other VANET applications. Broadcasting is the most suitable method for information dissemination over the network. The simplicity of the broadcast mechanism in such a highly dense and mobile network leads to network contention, broadcast storm and network partition problem. To keep all nodes updated and gather neighbourhood information broadcasting protocol use beacon messages. A non-trivial scientific contribution is required in broadcasting techniques to cater to the need of a network. In this paper, we establish a system model and parameters responsible for efficient information dissemination for VANETs. We implemented three major techniques for information dissemination which are, simple flooding, counter-based and probability-based techniques. These three techniques are simulated with established parameters. The work also analysed the impact of beaconing in the network. The simulation is carried out on Veins framework and the results are then analysed on the basis of established parameters. The analysis of result shows that an integrated approach will suit the needs whereas the use of independent techniques might not yield the result which we expect. The paper concludes by outlining the future research directions in information dissemination in VANET.


DSRC; IEEE 802.11p; Information dissemination; Omnetpp; SUMO; V2V; VANET; Veins

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