A RSM based Grey Relation Analysis of Process Parameters in a CI Engine using Various Bio Diesel Blends

Debnath, Rabisankar ; Singh, Ram ; Sastry, G R K; Rai, R N


This work exhibits the performance output and emission results of Undi bio diesel with butanol blend in a CI engine at varying load conditions. In this work two butanol blends has been exploited for the experiment along with Undi bio diesel and diesel. The other blend contained 50% Undi also 50% diesel and compared with base fuel diesel. From the experimental results it was found that blend containing 50% Undi bio diesel and 50% diesel displayed better results for BThE, bsfc and UHC among all the blends where as lower NOx was obtained for the butanol blends. After that Grey relation analysis based RSM was executed in the work to see the significance of the experimental results through GRA and validation of the work was executed which resulted adequate response.


Bio diesel; Butanol; CI engine; GRG; RSM; Undi

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