Prioritizing and Achieving Quality Services in Gas Stations using Analytical Hierarchy Process and Quality Function Deployment

Hameed, Abdul Zubar


Identifying customer requirement and modifying the services as per expectation of customer in service sector leads to achieve the profit of organization and sustain in the market. The customer expectations towards the service organization dramatically increased in recent years, in order to sustain in the market, the organization should identify the customer requirements, adopting the system, process, services as per expectation of customer in the organization. This article highlights the expectation of customer in gas stations located at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The data collection done at various gas stations, a questioner-based survey conducted to identify the customer requirements from 10 gas stations, 250 responds collected from different category of customer based on the driving vehicle such as four wheelers and heavy vehicle. The data collection validated by SPSS software and Analytical Hierarchy process used for prioritizing the customer requirements and House of quality constructed as per requirement of customer, the quality function deployment introduced to enhance the services in gas stations. The article concludes that, the following requirements were highly expected from gas stations, the requirements were need space between one pump to another pump, payment by credit card also to be considered, services for cleaning car windows, quick wash, availably of rest room and the proper maintenance of gas stations (calibration of air machine, cleaning of work station frequently, introducing 5S Concept and displaying in and exit board). The article suggests the function modification required in gas stations for achieving customer requirement.


AHP; Customer requirement; Gas stations;  House of Quality; Prioritizing Services

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