Assessment of Biomass Potential in Engine Emission Reduction

Saraswat, Manish ; Chauhan, Nathi Ram; Sharma, Vijay Kumar; Shukla, R K; Sharma, Kamal


The twin crisis of environmental degradation and fossil fuel depletion has confronted the world with the upcoming threat to seek the solution for some alternate fuel. The present condition of environment forces the search of some suitable alternate fuel. The present degradation of environment is also mainly influenced by the diesel vehicles. The emissions released by these diesel vehicles not only degrade the environment but also increase the number of health diseases. The present research on bio-fuels will lead to develop a sustainable solution to this problem and also create a harmonic relationship between the economy and ecosystem. The present research will provide the optimized blending ratio compression ratio and other operating parameters to be selected while approaching to sustainable output. The present study will depict the behavior of different bio-fuels poured in VCR engine at different compression ratio at different operating parameters. The outcomes of this research paper reveals the discussion on the potential assessment of different biofuels in the reduction of engine emissions.


Biofuels; Potential assessment; VCR engine

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