Fuzzy enhanced Cluster based Energy Efficient Multicast Protocol for Increasing Network Lifetime in WSN

Gopinath, S ; Suma, N


Wireless Sensor Networks (CWSN) consists of sensor node which is mobile roaming inside and outside the network region. The difficulty in existing models observed is to identify the best routes for forwarding packets. If the balancing of packet arrivals and energy conservation is not achieved, it may lead to reduction of network lifetime. In our research work, Fuzzy enhanced Cluster based Energy Efficient Multicast Protocol (FCEEMP) is developed based on three aspects. First one, the establishment of multicast routing based on the calculation of best route metric and average reliability metric. Second, the cluster is formed based on node stability and route capability. Three set of nodes are formed in the cluster network model i.e. sensor node, cluster member and Cluster Head (CH) to estimate energy consumption. Third, enhancement of fuzzy model is implemented to produce optimal energy and the value of network lifetime. From the simulation analysis, proposed protocol achieves better improvement over existing schemes.


CWSN, Energy consumption, Fuzzy model, Multicast routing

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