Economic Ripple Effect Analysis of New Converging Industry: Focusing on Inter-Industrial Analysis of Fintech Industry in South Korea, China and the United States

Sawng, Yeong-wha ; Xu, Yang ; Shin, Ji-hye ; Kim, Minseo


The Fintech industry is the convergence of the financial industry and the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) industry. It not only replaces the services provided by traditional financial services such as remittances, settlements, and asset management, but also creates new industries combined with ICT technology such as Cloud funding, P2P, and Internet Professional Bank. Therefore, this research focuses on the economic ripple effect of the Fintech industry on the national economy by inter-industrial analysis. At the same time, in order to learn the different circumstances of Fintech industry worldwide, this study conducted comparative research on Fintech leading countries in the United States and China with South Korea. All the economic ripple effects of South Korea, China, and the United States Fintech industry are relatively low among all industries, and the industrial characteristics are analyzed to be 'intermediate primary production' type industry. This study, as the first attempt, analyzes the current economic impact of Fintech in each country, and inspires future development direction of Fintech industrial policy.


Economic ripple effect, Fintech industry, Future development, Inter-industrial analysis


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