A Comparative Study on the Impact of the Capabilities of Manufacturing and Service Firms on Export Performance: Focusing on the Interaction Effect of R&D

Woo, Ki Hoon; Park, Sun Young; Sawng, Yeong-wha


This paper empirically examined the impact of firm capabilities and the interaction effect of R&D on the export performance of service firms in comparison with manufacturing firms. To this end, a total of 1,968 Korean firms were analyzed: 243 from service and 1,725 from manufacturing, and two-stage analysis was performed using multiple regression and hierarchical regression analysis. This research confirmed that network and customer capabilities played critical roles in the internationalization of service firms and R&D positively interacted with entrepreneurship and customer capabilities for export performance. These findings suggest valuable policy considerations for government trade policy and academic motivation for further research on the capabilities and R&D of service firms.


Export performance, Firm capabilities, Innovation, Interaction effect, Manufacturing firms, R&D, Service firms


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