Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Investigation in a Circular Tube by the use of Various Kinds of Inserts

Gupta, Mohan ; Sharma, Kamal ; Sarswat, Manish


The ability of a traditional heat exchanger in transferring heat requires improvement for conveying a considerable proportion of energy at cheaper rate and amount. For augmenting the heat transfer coefficient, different means have been employed. However, the use of inserts has become an assured method in enhancing heat transfer through endurable escalation of frictional losses. The grinding factor improvement proportions are observed to be in the scope of 2.68-3.43, 3.14-4.14, 4.30-5.34, 5.22-6.18 and 6.53-6.96 for the previously mentioned configurations of additions.The objective of the investigation is the examination of a circular tube fitted with multiple inserts with regard to its characteristics related to fluid flow & heat transfer; these inserts are organized in co-swirl and counter-swirl directions.


F, Nusselt number (Nu), Reynolds number (Re), Twisted tape (TT) inserts


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