Influence of TiC on Microstructure, Mechanical and Wear Properties of Magnesium alloy (AZ91D) Matrix Composites

Dash, Dharmeswar ; Singh, Ram ; Samanta, Sutanu ; Rai, Ram Naresh


This paper deals with the wear and mechanical (tensile, compressive, and microhardness) properties of Mg/TiC composites over magnesium alloy (AZ91D). Magnesium based metal matrix (AZ91D) composites were synthesized by using TiC particles varying wt % from 0% to 20% with a step of 5% by stir casting. The mechanical properties shows there is significant improvement of ultimate tensile strength (UTS) & % elongation, compressive strength, and microhardness with % increase of TiC content in Mg alloy. The fracture mechanism of the tensile and compressive specimen was investigated by Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). A Pin-on-Disk (POD) tribotester was used to determine the wear rate (WR) and specific wear rate (SWR) of the composites. The test was carried out in a dry sliding condition of varying load of 10N, 30N and 50 N corresponding to a constant sliding distance & sliding speed of 1000 m and 1 m/s respectively and the worn surface of the pin is examined by SEM after the test.


Mg alloy, MMC, SEM, TiC, Wear, XRD


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