Composite Attribute Based Ad-hoc On Demand Multipath Distance Vector Routing Protocol (CAB-AOMDV)

Hassan, Khondekar Lutful; Mandal, Jyotsna kumar


In this paper composite attribute-based ad-hoc on demand multipath distance vector (CAB-AOMDV) routing protocol has been proposed. Composite attributes are used to select the optimized multiple path for transmitting data and determined what percentage of total data can be share by the specific path. Composite factor is the combination of two factors, one is drop and another is queue factor. The performance analysis is evaluated under various node densities. Using control-overhead (CO), normalized-routing-overhead and throughput performance of proposed CAB-AOMDV is compared with Risk factor-based Ad-hoc on demand multipath (RF-AOMDV) routing protocol, from where it is observed that performance of proposed CAB-AOMDV is outperform RF-AOMDV in respect of all scenario taken into considerations.


AOMDV, CAB-AOMDV, Load balancing, MANET, NS2


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