Designing and Analysis of Wideband Antenna for 4G and 5G Applications

Singh, Harbinder ; Sohi, Balwinder Singh; Gupta, Amit


A wideband antenna design for 4G and 5G applications has been analyzed and evaluated in this research. The advanced technology equipment’s are getting smaller, which require compact and miniaturized antennas. The antenna designed in this research work is investigated for wideband operations for time division duplex long term evolution bands from band number 33 to 43 and for 5G New Radio n78 band. The design is ruled out for size miniaturization and wide bandwidth so that it can be used in any compact radio device. The antenna design is simulated using CST Microwave Studio and is fabricated on low cost easily available FR-4 substrate. The results are simulated and measured for 4G/5G bands for sufficient radiation characteristics, bandwidth, gain and minimum reflected power.


Bandwidth, Radiation, Wideband antenna

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