Control Implementation of Squirrel Cage Induction Generator based Wind Energy Conversion System

Singh, Arika ; Ahuja, Hemant ; Bhadoria, Vikas ; Singh, Sachin


Trends towards PC-based computing platforms have given a path to innovate advanced, model-based control algorithms for the control of wind energy conversion systems. These advanced models allow us to gain increased reliability and improved efficiency. This work is focused on the digital signal processor based implementation aspects of a variable speed, grid connected; squirrel cage induction generator based wind energy conversion systems. Control design using a voltage source converter at the machine side have been described, designed, modeled and analyzed. A comprehensive analysis of the designed system is performed in terms of the active power harnessed, power quality and reactive power control. Optimal power point operation has been implemented so that highest available power is harnessed for varying wind velocities. A 2.2kW prototype with back to back connected voltage source converter has been implemented in hardware using TMS320F2812 digital signal processor. The experimental results illustrate the excellent performance of the system.


DSP, SCIG, Vector control, Voltage source converters, WECS


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