An Optimal Graph based ZigBee Mesh for Smart Homes

Amiripalli, Shanmuk Srinivas; Bobba, Veeramallu


The usages of IoT devices are increasing exponentially since a decade. To manage all these devices new technologies like ZigBee, 6Lowpan, LoRa etc., are available in the industry. ZigBee is popular among them which are mainly used for home automation systems. Star, cluster tree, mesh supports topologies in ZigBee. These topologies may not fulfill the requirement in improving Quality of service in design of smart home applications. To address this problem a simple, scalable, survivable graph-based topology named as TGO topology is proposed. Implementation can be performed in three phases deployment of sensors, basic topology formation and network formation. For the proposed topology, experiments were conducted on various qualities of service parameters like battery level, power consumption, bandwidth, throughput, capacity, network life time etc. by using cupcarbon simulator.


Cupcarbon simulator, IoT, Optimization, Smart cities, Smart homes, Trimet graph, ZigBee


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