DeeR-Hash: A lightweight hash construction for Industry 4.0 / IoT

Gupta, Deena Nath; Kumar, Rajendra


Industry 4.0 and IoT are emerging computing environments for low energy devices. Implementing complex security mechanisms in such environment is challenging. A lightweight and energy aware hashing provides high security to the devices under these environments. Earlier hash algorithms such as SHA and MD5 were very complex and hence are not suitable for the energy constrained devices. Similar hashing algorithm is needed for low energy devices as well. The authors proposed a sponge based hashing algorithm that is capable of providing a security up to second preimage attack to the devices communicating under such constrained environments. The methodology of the proposed design is derived from some existing lightweight hash constructions such as Photon, Quark, Gluon, and Spongent. The steps in the algorithm of DeeR-Hash include the steps for DeeRSponge and DeeRStateUpdate as well. To construct the sponge for the proposed hashing, the authors had taken the value of b, r, and c as 80, 2, and 78 respectively. After implementing the algorithm in a tag-reader scenario, the authors find that it is taking only 483 GE for 80-bits digest and is suitable for a lightweight cryptographic environment. The avalanche effect produced by the proposed algorithm further strengthens the security claim of the authors. Comparing other related work in this area, the authors claim that the required area in ASIC in lowest.


Collision resistance, Cryptography, Energy aware, Lightweight, Security

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