QODA – Methodology and Legislative Background for Assessment of Open Government Datasets Quality

Spalević, Žaklina ; Veljković, Nataša ; Milić, Petar


In last few years, many open government data portals have been emerging in the world. These portals publish open government datasets which can be accessed and used by everyone for their own needs. In this paper, we propose methodology named QODA (Quality of Open government DAtasets) for assessment of quality of published datasets via two aspects. First one is assessment of quality of pure open government datasets, and second is assessment of quality features on the platforms which contributes to the publication of quality datasets. It provides a step-by-step dataset analysis guidance and summarization of results. Research presented in this paper shows that open government dataset quality depends on data provider as well as proper definition of metadata behind datasets. Our findings result in recommendations to open government data (OGD) publishers, to constantly supervise the use of published datasets, with aim to have timely and punctual information on OGD portals, with special attention on quality features.


Assessment, Legislation, Methodology, Open government data, Quality

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