Automated Evaluation of Surface Roughness using Machine Vision based Intelligent Systems

Chebrolu, Varun ; Koona, Ramji ; Raju, R S Umamaheswara


Machine vision systems play a vital role in entirely automating the evaluation of surface roughness due to the hitches in the conformist system. Machine vision systems significantly abridged the ideal time and human errors for evaluation of the surface roughness in a nondestructive way. In this work, face milling operations are performed on aluminum and a total of 60 diverse cutting experiments are conducted. Surface images of machined components are captured for the development of machine vision systems. Images captured are processed for texture features namely RGB (Red Green Blue), GLCM (Grey Level Co-occurrence Matrix) and an advanced wavelet known as curvelet transforms. Curvelet transforms are developed to study the curved textured lines present in the captured images and this module is capable to unite the discontinuous curved lines present in images. The CNC machined components consists of visible lay patterns in the curved form, so this novel machine vision technique is developed to identify the texture well over the other two extensively researched methods. Artificial Neural Network-Particle Swarm Optimization (ANN-PSO) intelligent models are developed to evaluate the surface roughness from texture features. The model average error attained using RGB, GLCM, Curvelet transform-based machine vision systems are 12.68, 7.8 and 3.57 respectively. In comparison, the results proved that computer vision system based on curvelet transforms outperformed the other two existing systems. This curvelet based machine vision system can be used for the evaluation of surface roughness. Here, image processing might be crucial in identifying certain information. One crucial issue is that, even as performance improves, cameras continue to get smaller and more affordable. The possibility for new applications in Industry 4.0 is made possible by this technological advancement and the promise of ever-expanding networking.


ANN-PSO, Curvelet transforms, GLCM, Industry 4.0, RGB, Surface roughness evaluation

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