Network Path Optimization Strategy using Collaborative Cache for Delay Tolerant Networks

Kunamalla, Chiranjeevi ; Chatrapati, K Shahu


The data transmissions over Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN) and Social-based Opportunistic networks have increased in the last few years due to a higher demand for remote transmissions. The wide applications of DTN have significantly motivated the researchers to focus on finding optimized routing strategies by optimizing various parameters such as energy, cost and congestion. Nonetheless, these parallel research outcomes have reported few further bottlenecks to improve the strategies. Henceforth, this work proposes a novel approach to optimize the routing paths using the cache collaboration method. This proposed method identifies the data-sharing strategies and subsequently identifies the sub-set of the paths between the source and destinations. Further optimizes the path using standard measures such as cost, transmission speed, and the network traffic conditions; lastly Data-Centric and Cost Optimized Routing Path is Identification. This work results in a nearly 20% reduction in the distance between the nodes, a 15% reduction of time in path identification and a nearly 50% reduction in cache allocation demand over multiple iterations compared to the existing models.


Cache collaboration, Cache discovery time, Data affinity, Mean load distance, Routing

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