Design of Rectangular Patch Antenna on the Hilbert Fractal-shaped High Impedance Surface

Gupta, Akash Kumar; Chowdary, P Satish Rama; Krishna, M Vamshi


The high Impedance Technique has emerged as a modern approach for high-gain microstrip antennas. A high impedance surface minimizes surface waves and provides increased gain. Instead of, a typical mushroom to design High Impedance Surface (HIS), fractal geometry can be used. Hilbert curve-based Fractal geometry minimizes physical length and keeps electrical length the same. In this work, three iterations of Hilbert curve-shaped HIS geometry are studied with emphasis on HIS application. Fractal facilitates multi-frequency operation from GSM 1800 MHz to 6 GHz Wireless applications. The antennas have a peak gain of 5.3 dbi. The simulation is conducted in HFSS, and the analysis is performed using reports like reflection coefficients, radiation patterns, and gain plots


Fractal geometries, High impedance surfaces, Hilbert curves

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