DeeR-Gen: A Pseudo Random Number Generator for Industry 4.0 / IoT

Gupta, Deena Nath; Kumar, Rajendra


Random binary bit sequences or random numbers are very useful in cryptographic applications. These sequences are used as a key in different encryption algorithms. Also, they can be used as random nonce in many mutual authentication protocols. Because these sequences are used at very basic level in cryptographic applications there generation should be fast, secure, and energy-efficient. Particularly in the case of Industry 4.0/IoT, a lightweight implementation is much needed along with high security and rapid production. The earlier generators of random numbers used the true source of randomness but the same is not feasible in current scalable Industry 4.0/IoT scenario. Many works have already been done to generate random numbers through PRNGs. Some examples are J3Gen, Warbler, LAMED, and ARROW. However, it is essential to bring a completely programmed, highly secured, energy efficient and a fast paced algorithm for random number generation. In this paper, a novel algorithm, named DeeR-Gen, which works with one multiplexer and two NLFSRs is presented. It requires only 245 GE on ASIC, lowest hardware requirement till date. Proposed methodology has also been tested for EPC test of randomness. The authors found the proposed algorithm secure and energy-efficient to be used in any lightweight cryptographic algorithm.


IoT, Industry 4.0, Lightweight cryptography, Random nonce, Secret key

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