Extended Dissipative Filter for Delayed T-S Fuzzy Network of Stochastic System with Packet Loss

Ullah, Rizwan ; Li, Yina ; Aslam, Muhammad Shamrooz; Sheng, Andong


This research investigates a time-varying delay-based adaptive event-triggered dissipative filtering problem for the interval type-2 (IT-2) Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy networked stochastic system. The concept of extended dissipativity is used to solve the ,  and dissipative performances for (IT-2) T-S fuzzy stochastic systems in a unified manner. Data packet failures and latency difficulties are taken into account while designing fuzzy filters. An adaptive event-triggered mechanism is presented to efficiently control network resources and minimise excessive continuous monitoring while assuring the system’s efficiency with extended dissipativity. A new adaptive event triggering scheme is proposed which depends on the dynamic error rather than pre-determined constant threshold. A new fuzzy stochastic Lyapunov-Krasovskii Functional (LKF) using fuzzy matrices with higher order integrals is built based on the Lyapunov stability principle for mode-dependent filters. Solvability of such LKF leads to the formation of appropriate conditions in the form of linear matrix inequalities, ensuring that the resulting error mechanism is stable. In order to highlight the utility and perfection of the proposed technique, an example is presented.


Adaptive event-triggered scheme, Delayed fuzzy filters, Extended dissipativity, IT–2 T-S fuzzy systems

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