Performance Enhancement of MANET based on Cross-layered Reconfigurable Hierarchical Routing Protocol

Balamurugan, Kavitha ; Pitchai, R ; Supraja, P ; Dhanalakshmi, R


High speed data communication is the demanding factor in both commercial and defence applications. Several algorithms are proposed to support the high-speed data exchange while ensuring the quality, performance and reliability. However, there is still a gap, citing various compatibility issues with variety of transceiver technologies. This paper proposes a novel algorithm for enhancing the performance of mobile ad-hoc networks using Free-Space Optics (FSO). The FSO has the natural ability to the interference while capable of large bandwidth and excellent compatibility. Low power and adaptability are the features with which it has contributed to the latest technologies like storage area network, wireless area network etc. The proposed work uses optical spheres with a multi-transceiver system and a cross-layered reconfigurable routing mechanism. Parameters such as delay, residual energy, throughput, and drop are verified for the Crosslayered Reconfigurable Hierarchical Routing Optical Sphere (CRHROS) protocol for varying numbers of optical transceivers. The proposed work also compares the performance of two traffic sources, Constant Bit Rate (CBR) and Variable Bit Rate (VBR), for the proposed algorithm.


Free-space optics, Mobile ad hoc network, Optical sphere, Routing protocol

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