Climate Change: Impact of War is Conspicuously Absent

Raza, Gauhar


The Climate Change Conference-2015 ended in Paris. Various heads of the states went back home contended and satisfied, with a sense of achievement. The world experienced an intense surge of information about almost every aspect of climate change. Scientific, technological, social, cultural, legal, economic, national and international political issues related to climate change were discussed in media. For a science communicator it was heartening to see that so much of scientific and technological information was communicated in such a short period of time. Remarkably, even at the core of political discourse it was scientific information that constituted the bedrock of dialogue. The passionate speeches delivered by world leaders highlighted two major areas of contestations — economic and international relations. However, in most cases the structure of argument was built around anthropogenic activities that contribute adversely to climate change. The debate has surely raised human consciousness about dangers of climate change and could be cited as one of the most successful campaigns.

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