Innovation at Grass Root Level: A Key to Sustainable Development – A Pilot Study

Grover, Rajesh ; Sharma, Vishal



A pilot study was undertaken by PGSC under the GoI sanctioned project “Regional Incubation Science Hub for Innovators”(RISHI) to promote  innovativeness and develop a culture of innovation at grass root level. In this study, 33 potential innovative ideas to solve societal problems pursued by students of various schools were analyzed. The finding of the study has revealed that there was significant impact in terms of nurturing innovativeness amongst school students given the suitable opportunity and platform to them. The studies also pointed out that the young students are innovative and have  potential to solve societal problems, and the same needs to be nurtured so as to contribute towards sustainable development.


Innovation, Scientific temper, Societal problems, Science activities, Young   innovators

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