Grover, Rajesh ; Batish, Sheeraj ; Brar, Loveleen


The permanent science museums/centres caters only to the urban masses in cities and towns, therefore, to bring the rural people under the purview of science, an outreach program to include the rural masses was conceived which could enable the Science City to carry its program to the door steps of the target groups and spread the message of science to work towards sustainable development. Mobile Science Exhibition launched by Pushpa Gujral Science City, Kapurthala intends to take Science to the doorsteps of rural population and impress upon them the significance of Science and Technology for betterment of quality of their lives and expose them to some of the issues and challenges related to sustainable development. Over time, PGSC has become a bridge between scientific community and the society. Most of Science Centres/museums have limited themselves to focus on the youth and have nothing to offer or engage other sections of the society. A participating approach will be adopted to trigger scientific thought, process and facilitate informed decision making by the masses. The interactive exhibits and information panels give the students/visitors an opportunity to learn through the process of interaction and discovery. The broad components of the mobile exhibition are Health Education where the visitors may explore anatomical and physiological aspects of human body, functioning of human body and various systems, Health and hygiene, drug menace, alcoholism and lifestyle diseases, Genetic determination of sex of the offspring, Energy Education and awareness that educate the visitors about the renewable energy sources and energy conservation, Waste Management, Water Management in whichWater testing kits, clean water properties and methods are demonstrated, Environment Education which engage to develop a deeper understanding of environmental issues. Mobile planetarium and  high powered telescopes to conduct night sky watching sessions equipped in the bus will fascinate visitors to enjoy telescopic views of beautiful objects, including planets, nebulae, star clusters and, of course, the Moon. The mobile science exhibition program emphasizes developing an informed and knowledgeable society and pull out the masses from the clutches of the superstitions in which they are presently entangled due to misinformation and beliefs. Among other things, the project also intends to promote a sense of both local and global responsibility, encourage future-oriented, anticipatory thinking, build recognition of global interdependence and emphasize cultural change that embrace the values of sustainable development. 

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