Cinemagraph: A Fusion of Still Images and Motion Video for Science Communication in a New Media Convergent Ecosystem

Khan, Farhat Basir


The paper focuses on utilising new media communication tools — ‘Cinemagraph’ — in creating a new horizon in science communi­cation with a potential to boost scientific temper. The usefulness of this medium lies in its ability to run without any specific player; it requires low internet bandwidths to download and can be played on new media devices with minimal resources. Technically, Cinemagraph is a still image medium but portions of the image are set in motion in a continual loop. This motion must follow the same trajectory, which is usually 2 to 4 seconds in duration. Aesthetically, it is not just a mere hybrid of still and motion as it evokes arousal and has the attention arresting quality of a video and the memory of a still image. The paper takes a look at the uniqueness of the Cinemagraph that has the subtlety of ‘focussed movement’ captured and played consistently in the picture. This distinguishes it from both a still photograph and a moving video or animation. These qualities of a Cinemagraph have facilitated its utilisation by international brands as an effective tool of social media marketing and out of home advertising and is expected to capture the domestic and global advertising market very soon.

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