Scientific Temper and Innovation: Key drivers for India’s Economic Development

Gupta, Anil K


This study discusses about scientific temper and reviews India’s policies that play a lead role for the country in performing high on the Global Innovation Index, which is a key factor in driving global economies. Inculcating scientific temper among the citizens is of paramount importance for the development of the nation, since a large section of the society is still caught in the quagmire of superstitions and obscurantist practices. Innovation helps societies and countries in creating better jobs and improving ambience and quality of people’s everyday life. Although India has made major strides in development in almost every sphere, it has slid down on the Global Innovation Index from 23 in 2007 to 81 in 2015. Policy planners have to take corrective measures to increase our investment in education and research and development, augment market sophistication, internationalize collaborations, and remove administrative obstacles.

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