Scientific Temper and Superstitions: Debating the Twain in Our Daily Lives

Kumar, Subhash ; ., Noklenyangla


Scientific Temper is one of the most important terms often debated upon in academic discourses in India. It has been reflected in policy initiatives starting from the Science Policy Resolution 1958 to Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, 2013. Fostering scientific temper is one of our Fundamental Duties enshrined in our Constitution. On the other hand, superstitious beliefs are deeply rooted in our society which we witness in everyday life. Time and again scholars have suggested promotion of scientific temper for ‘logical thinking and reasoning’. This paper argues how scientific temper can be an antidote for superstitious beliefs prevalent in our society. The critical issue discussed is not the extreme contradiction between scientific temper and superstitions, but whether or say to what extent can scientific temper influence reasoning to counter check superstitious beliefs.

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