Scientific Temper is a Natural Process in Children: Let’s allow it to groom

Aswal, Dinesh K


Little kids are naturally blessed with a scientific temper, which can be proven by looking at their daily activities. Have you ever noticed how a baby of 7-8 months, who cannot even stand on its feet, gets out of the bed? The baby gauges the height of the bed and then moulds his or her body to get down in such a fashion not to get injured. And if you give small hollow pipes to a set of children, you will find that almost all of them will peep through the pipe-hole. Small kids are very curious when they see new things (animals, toys, birds, trees, fruits, etc.) and they want to analyse them in their own way. They are full of why’s and how’s, and have their own comments and answers. However, as they grow older, the curiosity driven learning among kids is marred by the biased and confused teachings from society, parents and teachers as they want to impose their knowledge upon them.

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