Impact of Communication on Poverty Reduction

Haider, Mohammad Hakim


It seems difficult to conceptualize under what conditions and to what extent the element of information and communication would be able to empower the poor and marginalized section in various societies. This paper tries to look at this question, concentrating on the role and impact of communication on poverty mitigation. The paper focuses on key factors under which communication and information through radio, telephony, newspapers, journals and the Internet and can be instrumental and substantive for the reduction of poverty. Access to information by the poor and giving chance for them to have a voice in the public media can enhance their capabilities to strategic life choices and obtain the lifestyle they value.

An attempt has been made to conclude that there does not exist a direct and casual relationship between Information and Communication Technologies and empowerment of the poor, but that in fact this relationship is being shaped by a dynamic, multi-dimensional interrelationship between technology and poverty reduction as a social context. However, government authorities should support and firmly focus on opening up private and public provisions of broadcasting and expanding access to communication tools, so that they can effectively play this intermediary role.

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