Gatekeeping Eco-Media S&T Information for Newspapers



Gatekeeping is a process where selection and rejection of a particular information is executed in media houses. Protection of water-bodies and eco-sites through communication is essential. Unearthing the scientific facts behind each eco-site and communicating this information to people passing through the gates of local newspapers is the objective of this study. This study concentrates on eco-sites that are damaged by human activities, pollution, etc. Key science communication messages are generated at eco-sites for the media to inculcate scientific temper on ecological issues among the public. It also involves engaging the local community to protect and conserve the eco-sites, and disseminating the scientific information on pressing issues pertaining to the eco-sites to newspapers.

The results are an analysis of the outcome of Science Communication activities in newspapers and raising awareness on eco-water issues. Science Communication is a combination of several components including dissemination of S&T information, activities, community engagements, etc. These components act as an influence in Gatekeeping for communicating science to the common people.

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