Curriculum based School picnics: a tool for enhancing Scientific Temper

Agrawal, Shreenabh


Purpose of the paper:

  • To understand the motivation of schools in their choice of travel destinations.
  • To test the effectiveness of ‘Curriculum based School picnics’ as a tool to enhance the scientific temper of school students.



  • Interviews were conducted to understand the motivation of schools in their choice of travel destinations.
  • Teachers were asked to design the school picnics/excursions for the academic session based on the curriculum of that particular class.
  • The students were divided into two sections: Section A and B.
  • Section A students were taken to the pre-decided destinations before the onset of the teaching sessions.
  • Section B students were not taken for the picnic/excursion.
  • Students of both sections were merged together in the teaching sessions and the class participation of the students was recorded and evaluated.
  • The effectiveness of the experimental method was tested by Independent sample t-test.


  • ‘Curriculum based Picnics/excursions’ was not one of the motivation to design school picnics
  • The students who were taken to the curriculum designed picnics before the onset of the teaching session were found to be more inquisitive and participative during the teaching sessions.
  • The p-values were found to be lesser than the alpha values thus confirming the effectiveness of the experimental method.

Originality and value:


Less research on creating and testing simple and effective tools to increase scientific temper in students is seen. This paper is valuable not only to the school authorities but to all the segments of the society as it enhances scientific temper in a very interesting and effective manner.




Scientific temper, School, curriculum based picnics, motivation, education

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