Gain in Knowledge Level of Farmers about Recommended Agricultural Practices after Watching Video Films

Singh, Gurshaminder ; Sharma, Anil ; Bagal, Y.S.


Video as a communication aid helps in understanding the cultivation and management practices of crop production which are complex to understand by verbal communication alone. Videos make a vivid and lasting impression on the viewers. This study was conducted to find out the gain in the knowledge level of farmers about recommended agricultural practices after watching video films. Multistage random sampling techniques were employed. A total of 200 farmers were selected randomly without replacement method from the two districts of Punjab State. The data were collected by following the personal interview method with the help of a well-structured interview schedule and data were tabulated and analysed by using appropriate statistical tools.

The study was conducted in 2015-16. There was a significant gain in knowledge of farmers regarding soil testing, seed treatment and leaf colour chart after watching the video films. The results also indicate that 81.50% and 60% of the respondents had medium level gain in knowledge after watching the video regarding soil testing, seed treatment respectively. 39.50% of the respondents were found to have medium gain in knowledge regarding the leaf colour chart after watching the video.


Video communication, Gain in Knowledge, Soil testing, Seed Treatment, Leaf Colour Chart (LCC)

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