A brief study on the public dissemination of Covid -19 information  through science magazines

Dharmapalan, Biju ; Mahesh, G.


Information dissemination during the covid-19 pandemic period was a challenging task. There was a lot of misinformation circulated through social media. The pandemic has badly affected the print sector, and most of the magazines were either stopped publication or shifted to digital mode. One of the premier science magazines published in India, Science Reporter has brought out issues in the digital format even during the pandemic lockdown. In the present study, we analyze the content related to Covid -19 published in the magazine for disseminating scientific information to the public.  The study showed that the magazine carried forty-three articles related to covid in 16 issues published during 2020-2021. The study also showed a spurt in popular science writing from the members of the scientific community.


Science communication; covid-19; science magazines

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