Impact of Kalvi (Education) Television Channel in Learning Science among High School Students in Tamilnadu

kumar, Prasanna ; Mariappan, M


A student's academic performance is determined not only by the understanding of the subject in the school environment, but also by the student's ability to learn that subject at the school level. If the school environment is not friendly, this should provide students with another alternative teaching method, allowing them to study their subjects online. To meet their academic needs, teachers can choose any type of deal to share their lessons among students. Kalvi TV is the most important tool for the student community to fill gaps in subject and study skills. In the school curriculum, science subject is considered the most important factor in determining a student's success in future careers and other academic development.To strengthen students' scientific knowledge, we can teach science subject online and improve their study skills to become masters of science subject. To engage students and meet their needs without interrupting the school year, an alternative to Kalvi TV programming is the best TV broadcasts to improve their study skills and academic performance. Modern society provides students with various educational opportunities to study their subjects. However, some natural disasters can disrupt daily educational activities, thereby affecting students' learning. Note the need for some alternative arrangements to keep students' skills and knowledge up to date, etc. kalvi TV is one of the best media for students to study subjects within their own time constraints. Also, the level of students improving their expertise through the kalvi TV channel is at an average level


Kalvi TV, Learning science skills, academic achievement

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