Hands-on exploration of Tessellation and Fractal Mapping on a Tiling Wall to enhance interest in doing Maths in non-formal settings



Aiming to achieve the objectives of the National Innovation Council in a learner-centric manner, the Birla Industrial & Technological Museum has been striving to incorporate interactive learning tools to reinforce its science communication wing. In its latest attempt, the impetus generated by using a Tiling Wall – both to teach the mathematics of recursive algorithm, fractal generation and tessellation along with a means of learning about the learners are explored. It is a case study highlighting the use of a Tiling Wall to illustrate mathematical algorithms like Fractal Generation and Tessellation, along with being a means of studying the participant’s confidence parameter. The lessons are described in detail and so are the analyzed feedbacks received from the learners as well as their parents. The article interprets the purport of employing a Tiling Wall to foster the teaching-learning cycle.


Mathematics; Fractal; Learner Observation; Feedback Analysis; Science Communication

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