Mobile Science Exhibition: An Impact Assessment Study



The Mobile Science Exhibition launched by the Pushpa Gujral Science City (PGSC), Kapurthala takes science to the doorsteps of the rural population and impresses upon them the significance of Science and Technology for betterment of the quality of their lives and exposes them to some of the issues and challenges related to sustainable development. The broad components of the exhibition are health education, genetic determination of sex of the offspring, energy education and awareness, waste management, water management and environment education. A study was conducted to assess the impact of the Mobile Science Exhibition on the scientific awareness related to key issues like health, sanitation, environment and society among the rural children. The overall impact of MSE was also assessed and analysed before and after their visit. An important mechanism to reach out to the unreached and develop a knowledge-driven society, the exhibition enriched the knowledge and skills of the students in various areas of science and technology which is likely to have societal impact and is essential for ensuring sustainable development. Mobile Science Exhibition proved to be a vital and powerful media for popularisation of science creating a scientific temper across the state.


Mobile Science Exhibition; Impact; Health Awareness; Energy Education; Water and Waste Management

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