Tale of two videos: Frame and narrative structure analysis of two COVID-19 communication social media messages



Coronavirus prevention efforts both protect the people who engage in them and promote the welfare of society. However, often not facts and information, but emotions drive the risk perceptions. Emotions influence our reasoning and impact on our behaviours. To tide over the COVID 19 epidemic, all people must abide by certain practices, ranging from easy to observe, but annoying, hand washing to more socially disruptive physical distancing. Lockdowns, curfews and other political and administrative measures make additional demands. Using frame and narrative structure analysis, in this paper, we examine two videos, prepared by the Kerala and Tamil Nadu police personnel for social media dissemination. Using the frame analysis methodology and narrative structure analysis, we explore the frames, stereotypes, metaphors, actors, and messages encoded in the selected two videos and draw inferences on the influence it can have on the audiences.


COVID-19; Frame analysis; Narrative structure analysis; Social networks; Public health messages; Risk communication; Infodemic

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