Science Communication in Early Childhood through Online Videos



We are living in a world of innovations and growing scientific inquiry & literacy among all segments of the society. Online content has today become an inevitable part of our lives. In early childhood, science communication and scientific learning is essential for developing children’s early thinking process and future understanding, impacting skills of learning and attitude formation of a child. The social learning theory suggests that people learn from each other via observation and by imitating others. This paper inquires about how online videos are helpful in learning science and how it has changed the learning pattern in early childhood. The objective of this paper is to find out the importance of science learning through audio-visual learning techniques. This paper further explores the relevance of teaching and learning through online learning techniques. To achieve the objectives quantitative research approach has been adopted for data collection. The finding of this study revealed that teachers and parents of Delhi are in favour of science communication through online videos in early childhood learning for the overall development of a child and online teaching learning is the future of education. It should be adopted and encouraged in every educational setup.


Audio-Visual Technique; Early Childhood; Learning; Science Communication; Online Videos

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