Science Communication Through Posters: Developing Healthy Food Choices among Students



Healthy people are always an asset to a nation. But with excessive hustle and bustle of today's life, people are inclined towards fast food and junk food. Following the elders, children also live with such foods that are satisfying their saliva. But such types of foods are harmful for health. If we can communicate the message properly to the students who are the future of the country, they will make a healthy nation. Following this, the researcher attempted to create awareness about healthy food choices among students. The study is descriptive in nature. The sample comprised of fifty-nine class VI students of a school in Bhubaneswar. Posters and pictures based on the theme of healthy eating were developed. Discussions on food and nutrition were a part of the assembly class. Data collected through a questionnaire were analyzed statistically and after interpretation it was found that posters worked as an effective tool to communicate the message needed to develop healthy food choices.


Science communication; posters; healthy food choice

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