Coverage of Science and Technological Issues in Two Leading Kannada Newspapers: An Overview

g p, vinay ; M R, Sathyaprakash


Abstract: In the age of knowledge-based civilizations, science and technology are essential for development, modernization, and a booming economy. The practice of informing the public about this critically important S&T through various forms of mass media is called as science communication. Critical analysis of literature has revealed that print media appears to be educating the masses more on science and technology issues than other media. RNI 2018-19 report reveals that around 80 percent of nation’s print media is in Indian languages and the circulation and readership base is gradually increasing in the rural areas. The same rural background people are suffering from various superstitions, black magic etc., and losing the innovative opportunities due to the lack of knowledge on local resources usage. The present study employed content analysis technique and enquired the trends exists in the coverage of science and technology information by selecting two statewide Kannada language dailies. Study found that science dissemination is still insignificant in comparison to the coverage of other categories. Science publication is still event oriented (episodic) in nature and Agriculture, Environment, Astronomy, Defense subtopics gained high prominence. News was the dominant format and around 80 percent of stories were published along with a picture/ illustration.


Newspaper, Print media, Science and technology, Science communication, Science coverage, Scientific mindset.

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