Effectiveness of Science Newspaper ‘Vaigyaniik Drishtikon’ in Science Communication: A Case Study

Jain, Tarun Kumar; Choudhary, Shobhna ; Kumar, Pamposh


Every citizen in society should have the opportunity to think, understand and work scientifically. Under the Fundamental Duties as per Article 51A (H) in the Constitution of India, it has been said that it will be the duty of every citizen of India to develop a scientific temper, humanism and a spirit of inquiry and reform.

Research always tends to find the new things, revolving around the facts and data. This research is towards the effectiveness and role of science newspaper Vaigyanik Drishtikon in science communication in Jaipur. The role of this research is to understand, analyse and check the effectiveness of the newspaper. Vaigyanik Drishtikon a fortnightly science newspaper is running from last 22 years and regarded as the first science newspaper in India. So it is playing a wide and vivid role in developing scientific temperament and awareness in the society.

In life, we always need a way to reach aim, simultaneously in research there is a need of methodology. For conveying the best research and finding the outcomes researcher choose the online survey method. 21st century is the age of technology. Google form is quite handy tool for collecting data. Researcher have used Google form to collect 425 responses of a questionnaire comprising 22 questions.

Most of the people participating in the survey have fully accepted that 'Vaigyanik Drishtikon' has developed their scientific understanding to a great extent and made them aware of the logical, informative and interesting knowledge of science in simple language. This kind of work need to be accomplish and many more to do.


Scientific temper, Science newspaper, Media, Simple language

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