Editorial : Revisiting Scientific Policy Resolution Debate

Raza, Gauhar


The Indian parliament passed the Scientific Policy Resolution, generally referred to as SPR, in 1958. Pt Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of a decade old yet the largest democracy, introduced the draft.  As the ‘Papers’ were ‘laid on the table’ Nehru who also held the charge of External Affairs and Finance, began, “Sir, I beg to lay on the table a copy of Government of India, Scientific Policy Resolution No 131/CF/57, dated 4th March, 1958.” He continued, “I shall read it out because we consider this resolution as an important one, defining our attitude to Science and Technology, generally”. For him, the key to national prosperity, apart from the spirit of the people lay in three factors, technology, material and Capital. Pt. Nehru after introducing read the entire draft.

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