Science Communication in Context of China: Reducing the Regional Imbalance

Xuan, Liu ; Junping, Hu


Science communication is influenced by various factors of social context, such as politics, economy, culture and history, and these factors have different impact on science communication in different time and space domain. China is a country with appreciable regional diversity, where exist huge gap in economic, social, educational and science and technology development. The imbalance in development makes social context of science communication a prominent feature in the country. In China, the demand of citizens on science communication presents diversified and complex features, which were intensified by the leapfrog development of science communication pattern. Based upon above considerations, China is taking public science communication strategy in a localized way by government and the society as well. This paper discusses the functions which science communication played in reducing the regional imbalance in China.


Social Context, Science Communication, Regional Imbalance

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