Research in electronic publishing field: a scientometric assessment of publications output during 2005-14

Dhawan, S M ; Gupta, B M ; Gupta, Ritu


The paper presents an analytical study of the research output in e-publishing field on a series of scientometric indicators. As seen from Scopus database the total world output was 7010 publications published in 10 years during 2005-2014. The study found that e-publishing is still a young subject field growing at a slow pace, 3.41% CAGR growth and averaged 1.08 citations per paper. The body of research literature in this field is still in the early stage of its growth. Publication scatter in this field is still very high. The top 15 most productive organizations accounted for as small global publication share as 5.72% and as small global citation share as 12.73% during 2005-14. The average productivity rate per organization in 10 years was as low as 26.7, citation impact per paper was 2.41, h-index was 6.93 and international collaborative share as 23.44% during 2005-14. To build top research centres in e-publishing field, it is important that funding agencies at national and international level should aggressively start providing planned funding support to research organizations.


e-publishing research, electronic publishing bibliometric analysis, scientometric assessment, publications analysis, citation analysis, subject analysis, highly cited papers

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