Chronic liver disease (CLD) research in SAARC countries: A scientometric analysis of research output during 1996-2015

K.T., Naheem ; U, Nagalingam ; B, Ramesha


The study focuses on the pattern of literature growth, global publication share and ranking, authorship pattern, collaborative coefficient, productivity and impact of most productive institutions and authors, sources and highly cited articles based on data obtained on chronic liver disease research from Scopus. It is found that SAARC countries together contributed 2312 documents during 1996–2015, which is only about 3.49 % of the global CLD output of 66200 publications. The study further revealed that the amount of literature related to CLD research has considerably increased over the last five years. India is leading among SAARC member countries in terms of publication share, leading institutions and authors. The results of study call for more collaboration among the member countries of SAARC as well as with other leading countries, which will increase both quantity and quality of research in CLD.


Chronic Liver Disease (CLD); Scientometrics; CLD Research output; Collaborative coefficient; SAARC countries

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