Computer skills set of librarians in Nigeria: Confronting the stereotype

Anyaoku, Ebele Nkiru


Despite the importance of information and communication technologies to the present day information delivery, most reports and studies ascribe low computer literacy to librarians in Nigeria. The present research sought to reexamine computer skills of librarians in Nigeria. Questionnaire was used to collect data for this research. One hundred and eighty four librarians participated in the study. Results show an improved computer literacy level for librarians in the study when compared to results obtained in previous studies. On a self-assessment basis, computer literacy for the various facets of computer and software use ranges from 60% to 98% literacy levels. Although the findings of the research show an improvement over previous studies’ levels, there is still need to ensure that every librarian in the country is equipped with all necessary information and communication technology skills to enable the individual function effectively in the present age.


Computer literacy; Computer skills; Attitude to computers; Librarians; Nigeria

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