Library Resources and Services in Indian Institutes of Technology

Jotwani, Daulat


Describes role of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) in higher education and research 
in engineering, sciences and technology in the country. Each IIT has a well resourced Central 
Library to support their academic and research mission. This paper comprehensively studies the functioning, the resources and the services of these libraries. The level of automation, availability of ICT infrastructure, access to electronic resources and the digital library initiatives taken by these libraries are also discussed. These libraries are an integral part of the IIT System and are highly valued by their users for their services, highly skilled staff, and easy-to-use collections. It is suggested that these libraries need to move to the next level of technological up-gradation including application of cloud computing to improve their resources and services.


IIT Libraries; E-Resources; Digital Library; Scientific and Technical Libraries; 

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