ICT competency framework for LIS professionals in India: a modular quotient

Tyagi, Uma ; Yanthan, Zuchamo ; Kumar, Vinod ; Tyagi, Anil Kumar


The study aims to develop a quotient towards a methodology wherein standards of web-based ICT competency framework for LIS professionals in India can be codified in a broad-based model. This in turn could result in evaluating the current skill-sets and identify ICT requirements for future development in LIS areas. This is also an attempt to design a webbased platform for LIS professionals in ICT competencies in India. The modular web-based framework could be used in the national programme for continuing education of librarians as a tool to adapt curricula to the expectations of professionals in university libraries; foster career-long education and lifelong learning of librarians; support assessment according to the professional development plan and to enhance ICT competencies of university personnel.


University libraries; Library professionals; LIS education; Competency framework; ICT skills

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